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Button Soap for Spring

I recently sent our several sets of these for a bridal shower and want to share the fun with you too. It was fun to find just the right packaging for these life sized buttons. I wanted them to be seen yet they also needed to be pretty at the same time. I think they turned out pretty good. When the soap is gone you will be able to use the organza bag to hold other treasures.

I reently was told by another friend and long time customer that her order of button soap she took the soap out of the clear plastic wrap I use to keep the soap clean and fresh, and put them back in the organza bag and she placed the entire set in birthday package of vintage pillow cases. She said the entire time the package was sitting waiting to be opened everyone at the party was wondering where the mouth watering smell was coming from. I just love to hear all the creative ways our soap is used.

These are made with natural goats milk soap. These pretty sage green organza bags each have 12 cute little buttons in them. They have the random scents of vanilla, raspberry and toasted almond.

You can find your own  set of button soap in our Etsy shop Cute as a Button Soap. As always I would be happy to do a special listing for you should you like to order more than one set. The shipping when ordering several sets is also better prices since I can fit several of these in a Priority Maiil box.

So, would you like to share how you would use these cute buttons?

Have a wonderful day.

Puzzle Pieces

We have been having so much fun with these puzzle piece soap. There actually was quite a bit of thought and trying things out that went into these tub treats. First I spent time talking with children every where I went on what their favorite smells were and what their favorite colors were.

I made sample bars in all the colors and scents suggested then handed the samples to them and asked their mums to let me know after several times in the tub which ones they ended up using and having the most fun with.

The winner for colors were the fun pastel green, yellow, pink and blue. The scent was the cotton candy by far. I had one complaint that kept being mentioned. That was the size of the individual pieces being to little for little hands to put the pieces together especially when the soap was wet. Well this would not do so I went on a hunt to find a better idea for these. I ended up with a mold that allowed thicker, chunkier pieces. Then back to the children I went. MUCH BETTER! They now could actually hold the wet soap and put the pieces together.

This is natural soap with no harsh chemicals added:

Sodium Cocoate-Coconut Oill
Glycerin- found in all natural soap, very moisturizing as it attracts moisture from the air
Propylene Glycol- for Consistency, a natural gas from the earth
Water- consistency, an aquifier
Sorbitol-  a moisturizer made from corn
Sodium Stearate- for consistance made from coconut and palm oil.

Toms of Maine about the only commercial producer I will buy products I don't make from has wonderful information on their web site about these and other ingredients. Toms of Maine

These I packaged our puzzle pieces in a clear bag with a custom label and are available in our Etsy shop now. I just thought I would share a bit of the behind the scene work that goes into each unique product we offer. Its a bit of work but fun all the while we are doing it.

I recently made 18 sets of these for a birthday party and I heard from all the moms who brought them home how much their children enjoyed the puzzle piece soap and actually asked to take a bath. This made me laugh since Daisy always asks to take a bath it never dawned on me it might have something to do with all the fun children inspired soap she has sitting in the soap holder to choose from.

If you are thinking about these as a party favor I will be more than happy to design a custom label for your party. Just let me know.


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